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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Haiku on Pull/ Deep/ Tardy/ Question


You can pull a stunt
Which may seem to be clever
But not authentic

Pull this lever down
Simple instruction program
Male toilet training

I am perceptive
Pull the wool over my eyes
It makes me itchy


Deep under cover
Enemy territory
Now in shallow grave

She buried feelings
So deep down inside herself
Never felt again

So deep in his thoughts
He did not notice Rodin
Cover him in stone


Late for funeral
Tardy is as tardy does
Now late forever

Forest was burning
Somewhat tardy, rain arrived
Now just some embers

Thank you for calling
Know I am a bit tardy
But I am here now


Who set the question
Have you been a good girl, Jane?
Maybe A A Milne... 

Answers to questions
The complete set is online
Open book exams

A set of questions
For each and every stage
The story of life

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