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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Transverse Myelitis: On ‘Crash and Burn’

Well, there you are. I must have overdone it.
The last two days I have had aches in low back muscles, buttock muscles and thighs. Despite taking it a bit easy, I have been exhausted, lethargic and not really wanting to think or do anything. Increased chest pain in a band from the TM site (T7) despite a brilliant back massage from my soulmate. I did try a bit of walking, but was too unsteady even using my stick.
I am a bit better today, resting up, drinking lots of water, eating sensibly and avoiding alcohol. My brain feels a bit recovered (clearly, given I feel like writing a mini-blog!!)

So what is the message?

Take it steadily. Don’t over-reach yourself. Equally, keep trying for progress. Oh, this is such a fun disease. Five years, and I am still discovering how to manage it....

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