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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Successful Suicide Prevention: An Example from the Australian Construction Industry

This is one YouTube video from a number recording a well attended one day conference in Sydney on 5th March 2015. The video records a 30 minute lecture based on the research backing up 'Mates in Construction' - a carefully constructed tiered approach to suicide prevention in the Australian Construction Industry. The research is based on data from 5 years before MIC compared with 5 years since MIC began, comparing these industry figures with male suicides in Queensland as a whole, and male suicides in Australia as a whole.
This is one example of a large scale outcome study in suicide prevention.There are very few other examples internationally capable of providing outcome level data.
The presentation is in three parts. A general introduction, a discussion of why men may be more likely to suicide, and finally a focus on the outcomes.

You want successful suicide prevention. You want to know just how many suicides can be prevented by a program. Well, here is Outcome level Data that provides exactly that information. 

You want successful suicide prevention. Well here is an example.

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