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Friday, April 17, 2015

Haiku on Addition/ Wait/ Watch/ Take

Snow on mountain melts
Water drops flow, coalesce
Seeking unity


New calculator
Battery additional
How to get inside?

You and me is two
Inside our small island home
Simple addition

Inside her warm womb
Addition counts her heartbeat
Curled in soft safety


Napkin over arm
A deferential manner
I wait at table

What's for lunch Miss Jones?
'Wait and see pudding' young man
School days' memory

Everything comes
To those who wait patiently.
What a lot of tosh!


Admire your children
They watch every move you make
To replicate you

Watch the eagle soar
Effortlessly on thermals
There's a lesson there

Watch your step young man
Don't get ahead of yourself
Might trip yourself up


A fork in the road
Pick it up and take it home
Useful at dinner

Please take heart from this
You are stronger than you think
Wiser than you were

I take it you know
You must look before you leap
You're for the high jump

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