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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Haiku on Escape/ Lend/ Possess/ Art


Escape from the rain
Souls sheltering together
Dry conversation

In search of the toys
Ran through the shopping centre
Child in escape mode

There is no escape
You do what you have to do
Till your dying day

How to keep friendships
Neither be a borrower
Nor be a lender

Lend me an ear, dear
You were absolutely right
Look stupid with three

Lend me your brain, please
Need some help with this problem
Two minds may solve it


What is possession?
Nine tenths of the law maybe
An ass with three legs

I give thoughts away
They have meaning or they don't
Others may possess

I possess little
But the words in which I stand
A man of letters

The art of nature
Mathematical design
Thanks Fibonacci

Gallery toilets
Old man hides till after dark
Fine art collector

The art of Haiku
Thoughts lightly brushed on the page

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