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Monday, April 20, 2015

Haiku on Crunch/ Notice/ Dig/ Really


He stepped into snow
The inevitable crunch
So reassuring

New taste sensation
Locusts chocolate coated
Nice crunch in the mouth

Clever little word
So onomatopoeic
Crunch sounds like itself


Time just flew all day
Deeply buried in my thoughts
I took no notice

You are on notice
The next time you smile at me
I'll have to kiss you

Did not notice fly
That dug deep under his skin
Now he is a host


We dig a huge pit
And line it with all our love
What a perfect nest

We dig on the beach
Creating huge sandcastles
From the sands of time

Good psychiatry
Archeological dig
Building foundations


Really massive storm
Rolled right through Brisbane last night
Damage from hailstones

I'm really grateful
For everything you do, love
Keeping me on track

Really blue and down
Tired beyond all measurement
Need to get out more

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