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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Haiku on Remember/ Simple/ Deny/ Begin


Remember your wins
In amongst all the losses
It keeps you going

Remember the dead
Just ask who sold all the guns
For profit motives

Last man to leave Earth
Remember, put out the light


For great happiness
Enjoy each moment of life
Simple equation

Let's keep it simple
I will go on loving you
With no strings attached

For every problem
There's a simple solution
Usually wrong


Begin to like you
Gentle affection flowers
In our night garden

With cries of protest
New soul begins the journey
Delivery boy

Never begin fights
Unless you're prepared to win
And then make amends


It is so foolish
To deny global warming
So very uncool

I cannot deny
Looking into those brown eyes
I'm deeply in lust

Deny the body
In this entitlement age
Don't have to be fat

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