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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Haiku on Wonder/ Journey/ List/ Teach


Climbing life's mountains
New vistas fill with wonder
And mountains to climb

Small cloud evolving
In an otherwise blue sky
Wonder about rain

You are a wonder
I can never tire of you
Daily surprises


Worked here for a while
Then moved to another life
A good journey man

Each emotion counts
Enjoy the inner journey
Minute by minute

Interesting times
World driven by violence
Journey to darkness


A list to starboard
Definitely right leaning
Finally drops off

Finally got it
I don't need all these pressures
Drop the bucket list

Begin with a list
Drop each one by the wayside
Finally at peace


Its not what you teach
But what others think they hear
That gets remembered

The school of hard knocks
Said to teach life's real lessons
Maybe just leaves scars

Every time I teach
I find I learn something new
The student challenge

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