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Friday, November 14, 2014

Haiku on Unity/ Blood/ Mad/ Save


Single minded miss
Always wanted her own way
Unity alone

This sad world fragments
Nation fights nation, hope dies
Unity a dream

Snow on mountain melts
Water drops coalesce, flow
Seeking unity


Silly little prick
Momentary withdrawal
Single drop of blood

With blood on his hands
High street butcher carved away
Meating others needs

Iron in the blood
The oxygen carrier
Provides us with strength


Frustrated writer
Have ideas but no time
I'm left feeling mad

The truly mad mad
Not those left in asylums
They're ones selling guns

They thought he was mad
Years after he left this world
They knew genius


Guess its up to me
And how I live in this world
So I save my soul

Save all the pennies
And you will be so wealthy
Till we use bit coins

Spend your love freely
On those to whom you are close
And they will save it

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