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Monday, November 3, 2014

Haiku on Look/ Carry/ Float


Look at this my way
Upside down trapeze artist
Swung from side to side

Look into my eyes
Now say these words after me
All I own is yours

Let's do something bad
Could both strip and swim naked
Might need a look out


Old Irish Wolfhound
Since childhood he was her horse
She called him Carry

Carry her to term
Whispering, playing music
She'll be born attached

Carry on baggage
Backpack bottle and nappies
With infant in arms

I carry your love
And wear it as protection
Against all life's pains

Carry your burden
Cheerfully to the last day
Retirement beckons

An old carry bag
Stuffed with all her life treasures
A snail paced grandma


All those fat people
Have genetic advantage
They'll float when seas rise

A meditation
Mind floats through yesterday's dross
Releasing the angst

Float through dreams again
Composite house of all homes
Archetypal muse

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