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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Haiku on Break/ Always/ Outrage/ Original


Then it dawned on me
The light playing with my eyes
Was the break of day

Break with tradition
Rushing to work no longer
I am retiring

Snap, crackle and pop
The satisfying mouth sounds
As a biscuit breaks


Always remember
Even in a weak moment
You are simply you

Weathered, perhaps scarred
Even at the end of time
Mountains always stand

Even when time's up
Always look on the bright side
You made a difference


Powers feed outrage
Supplying rockets and bombs
Frontline pawns dying

I want it all now
You promised I could have it
Three year old's outrage

Recent solar flare
Sun's outrage at father's world
And tribal disputes


Make original
Got the details together
Novel arrangement

Very small detail.
To make an original
Got to make it up

She's original
Need to make out the detail
Got to get real close

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