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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Haiku on About/ Much/ Put/ Justice


That is about right
Perhaps a bit lower down
Can you scratch harder

Steer the boat about
Think we need to head for home
Before the tide turns

A cloud white happy
Not thinking about raining
On someone's parade


Low tide, still water
Reflections on life and love
Don't need much prompting

Not so much to say
More in the touch of your smile
And light in your eyes

I don't ask for much
But then I need all of you
Its just our secret


Put T on the end
And chase the little white ball
To the final green

Life in the fast lane
Put your foot on the pedal
And never let up

Put foot in your mouth
Keep on saying stupid things
Poor politician


Too late to be scared
Justice finally caught up
You can relax now

The scales of Justice
A sword in her other hand
Wearing a blindfold

Paying a late fine
Scared of other penalties
Where is the justice?

Use time carefully
Do justice to your life goals
Don't 'waste' or 'fill in'

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