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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Haiku on Trade/ Free/ More/ Entire


Trade winds blowing west
Carrying African genes
To America

Roaring trade in guns
American legacy
High suicide rate

Trade in body parts
Selling off a part of you
To feed family

Trips around the globe
Now provide some walking aids
To stop falling trade


Wants a free trial
Judge, lawyers and the jury
All laugh their heads off

As free as a bird
Except the ones held captive
In aviaries

Here's a free trial
My mind used with discretion
Comes with my body


More substance, more style
And more credibility
New Prime Minister

Please sir, I want more
What the Dickens can you mean?
Gruelling question

Delicate, petite
Beautiful but oh so tough
Sometimes less is more


The entire home team
Stood under one umbrella
Rain had stopped our play

Across entire world
There are refugees in need
They can join our team

Entire flocks of birds
Team up for migration north
Green winged symphony

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