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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Haiku on Behalf/ Birthday/ Poet/ Cheap


Speak on my behalf
You tell only half the truth
I speak warts and all

On behalf of me
Please be my other behalf
Behoves us to try

Our politicians
One responsibility
Speak on our behalf


Happy unbirthday
Celebrate each day bar one
Through the Looking Glass

On my real birthday
V2 bombs dropped on London
Not surprised really

Since you were fifteen
I loved each of your birthdays
And you every day


At the railway tracks
The poet stood still and frowned
A line came to him

A channelling poet
Associations well up
And I write them down

Poetic licence
Taking someone else's word
Making it your own


Brightly coloured bird
Cheap, cheap, in a gilded cage
Never made a sound

The cheap end of town
Down near the pier on the rocks
Gulls need a handout

Shopping spree for cheap treasures
Cast off hand me downs

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