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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Haiku on Single/ Visit/ Commit/ Remember


A single second
Fades into obscurity
As time marches on

Single minded man
Decided to change the world
Using crowdfunding

Not one single hair
Out of place in her coiffure
Her mind was a mess


Visiting scholar
Lectures full of old wisdoms
And inspired new minds

Our home is open
Replete with loving kindness
Visit when you can

Grief pays a visit
But may outstay its welcome
Should be sent packing


Commitment begins
Cannot bear to stay apart
Longer than an hour

Commit to World Peace
Share loving kindness at home
Stay strong in resolve

Committed to wind
Catamaran on one hull
Stays thrumming with speed


Remember garbage
It is Monday night again
Bins have to go out

Remember Guy Fawkes
Tried to blow up parliament
There were some fireworks

Have to remember
Memory is always there
We control the pain

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