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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Haiku on Lust/ Went/ Important/ Thrive


Newborn baby cries
The midwife laughs in relief
A lusty pair of lungs

Full moon in night sky
The blood lust was upon him
Dracula emerged

I was filled with lust
In those early days of us
It still lurks somewhere


Peculiar boy
Eyes in the back of his head
In coming he went

The clouds came and went
Threatening much without rain
A story of life

With me all the way
But after our lovemaking
She went somewhere else


Nothing for nothing
Important lesson in life
There is no free ride

Be kind to others
Always do the best you can
It is important

I am not special
A cog in the wheel of life
Important lesson


A plant food called thrive
Used extensively in Spring
Garden burned wasteland

Low tide water still
Fish thrive below the surface
Not leaving a clue

I thrive on silence
Associations surface
Cleansing memory

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