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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Haiku on Promise/ Right/ Impossible/ Brand


You made me promise
To never tell anyone
I remain silent

Sunrise this morning
Promise of a brilliant day
Why do I feel dumb

He was so gifted
Sadly past his 'best by' date
Promise not fulfilled


Made of the right stuff
Grounded in a basic life
Real salt of the earth

He was left handed
When he did things with the right
It all seemed so wrong

Right, I'll be leaving
It seems so wrong to do so
Will you be OK?


So we reached Pluto
The impossible achieved
What was that next dream?

Lick your right elbow
That one is impossible
But can lick my nose

Create masterpiece
It is not impossible
Just be neurotic


Called his son Corn Flakes
Sued under Copyright Act
Made a brand mistake

Media branded
Mistaken identity
One minute of fame

Can't mistake the brand
Known to cause obesity
Sugar water fizz

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