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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Haiku on Key/ Reply/ Up/ Cash

Welcome to our house
As long as you are prepared
To be the doormat


Slightly discordant
Duo in a minor key
The G string missing

Front door welcome sign
The key to your reception
Resides in your heart

Morning has broken
Birdsong chorus in welcome
Key of G, maybe


Water lapped her toes
She spoke, and got one reply
Water lapped her toes

I heard her summons
Message needed no reply
Just obedience

Tweeted angry rants
Absolutely no reply
My 'friends' unfriended


Very up himself
Down in my estimation
Way too entitled

Sun up in the sky
Which means Earth turned her sweet face
To bask in glory

We have to get up
Granddaughter at Gymkhana
Jumping on Shadow


Novelty banking
Kept cash under the mattress
Grandpa's secret store

That's enough roulette
Time to cash in all these chips
Before I lose them

A pot of gold cash
At the end of the rainbow
Multicolour dream

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