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Friday, November 20, 2015

Haiku on Best/ Discretion/ Cease/ Problem


Out on veranda
After a rainstorm has passed
Breathe the best of air

Dark brown eyes catch mine
Your lips curve into a smile
The best of moments

Whoever you are
Whatever you bring to life
Be the best you can


Use your discretion
Nurture both mind and body
Choose healthy fresh foods

Open up your heart
Throw discretion to the winds
Say what you believe

Choosing discretion
Will always offend someone
Who misreads silence


Wind howled all night long
No surcease from its rampage
Now dreams have to cease

Please cease your clamour
Nightly bad news litany
Dragging us all down

Moaning in your sleep
Suddenly you cease and smile
May I share your dream


Serious problem
See it as a solution
Waiting to happen

The problem solver
Sat quietly in corner
No-one ever asked

Earth's crust is moving
Creating heated fault lines
Could be a problem

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