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Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Free Download: Mental Health and Work-Issues and Perspectives

This book was commissioned in 2001/2 by Auseinet, developed in collaboration with VicHealth (the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation), and funded by the Commonwealth through its Mental Health Branch. It sought to address the significant issue of work and mental health, significant issue from a variety of perspectives. Identity, meaning and participation are critical social and emotional dimensions of work. It has meaning for all individuals in society. As a consequence, work directly impacts on whole of community emotional and social wellbeing.
Morrow, L., Verins, I. and Willis, E. (2002). Mental Health and Work: Issues and Perspectives. Adelaide, Auseinet: The Australian Network for Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention for Mental Health.

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Download here: mental_health_work.pdf (1.9Mb)

Chapters include:
Mental health: overemployment, underemployment, unemployment and healthy jobs (Maureen F. Dollard and Anthony H. Winefield)
Dear Director (Peter Waterhouse)
Section II: Work and Identity
Normalising workplace change through contemporary career discourse (Suzette Dyer and Maria Humphries)
Mental health promotion and work: Rumbalara community’s roundtable discussion 2002 (Rosemary Hoban)
Working women’s health (Thea O’Connor)
Working for Ages: active strategies for a productive workforce project (Bernadette Fallon)
Youth employment, psychosocial health and the importance of person/environment fit: a case study of two Scottish rural towns (Stephen Pavis, Stephen Platt and Gill Hubbard)
Working towards retirement: promoting positive mental health among men in pre-retirement years (Troy Speirs and Martyn Wilson)
Challenges for women combining caring work with employment (Alison Rosser)
Section III: Work and Safety
Mental health and workplace bullying: the role of power, professions and ‘on the job’ training (Lyn Turney)
The impact of workplace violence on third party victims: a mental health perspective (Charmaine Hockley)
Together we do better: marketing meets mental health promotion and work (Melissa Corkum)
Consumer perspective employment in the psychiatric service system: a Victorian view on safety issues (Cath Roper)
Section IV: Work and Emotions
Blue Roses of Collingwood (Peter Waterhouse)
Job-related affective wellbeing and intrinsic job satisfaction related to managers’ performance (Peter Hosie, Nick Forster and Peter Sevastos)
Community care: creating efficiencies and raising concerns (Sue Stack)
Regulation of emotions in the helping professions: nature, antecedents and consequences (Vanda Lucia Zammuner, Lorella Lotto and Cristina Galli)
Work  in the trenches: fear and anxiety in the workplace – an exploration (Monica Leon)
Section V: Work: People, Places and Processes
The Press Operator (Peter Waterhouse)
Using the Internet to empower individuals and organisations to combat workplace stress (John Shephard)
beyondblue – The National Depression Initiative: preventing depression in the workplace (Karen Field, Nicole Highet and Elly Robinson)
More than a hairdresser (Trevor Waring)
Mentally healthy workplaces – a living toolkit (Stephen McKernon, Ruth Allen and Elisabeth Money)
Promoting mental health in nurses through clinical supervision (Daniel Nicholls and Bee Mitchell-Dawson)

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