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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Haiku on Zesty/ Sigh/ Join


Lemon meringue pie
Zesty middle; mouth waters
My favourite food

Three year olds at play
On the run from here to there
Zesty little things

New ginger grater
Zesty toppings on dishes
Tastebuds on alert


Practicing his sigh
Oh dear, oh John, oh bother
Sounds just like his Mum

Light breeze playing games
Gentle sighs through Silky Oaks
Down on the foreshore

Wave of ecstasy
Rose within to heights unknown
Tide ebbing; she sighed


They joined together
Then she joined the club, pregnant
He joined the army

Join me in the dance
Move together to music
Till the band goes home

Everybody smiles
Not at the toupee he wears
Just they see the join

I would never join
Any club that would have me
As a club member
(Apols to Grouch Marx)

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