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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Haiku on Nice/ Harsh/ Attempt/ Winter


A nice little girl
Sits listening to grandma
Smile hides evil thoughts

Sitting quietly
it's nice being here with you
Minds, bodies, in tune

We drove down through Nice
On our way to St. Tropez
Great little Vespa

Not nice News tonight
The body count seemed endless
Totally bereft


For a woman, Gaia...
You birthed harsh environment...
Test of man, I guess...

Last dregs of coffee
A harsh over-roasted taste
But I paid for it

All I did was spit
Dark faced father's harsh dictate
"Go to your bedroom!"


Attempt seventy
OK, nearly achieved that
Let's try for eighty

A meditation
Letting thoughts, and old griefs, fade
Attempt peace of mind

Quite dry conditions
Attempt to water garden
Then it poured with rain


A scent from my past
Old aromatic cure all
Oil of Wintergreen

Albino features
Winter-white hair and pale skin
Strangely pink eyes

Only hurt you once
I have never forgotten
Your winter-cold look
(From 'Sensual Haiku' the book )

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