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Friday, May 12, 2017

Haiku on Long/ Slip/ Point/ Turn/ Sad


Watching the sunset
Revelling in achievements
Casting long shadows

He had a long face
Some people thought him mournful
Pulling the old hearse

Long and merry life
Surrounded by family
Universal dream


'Slippy Downs', how cute
No... Aboriginal 'Sippy'
As in 'Place of Birds'

Slipped into dark side
Eyes narrowed and frown deepened
Then an evil grin

Slip sliding away
The essential Paul Simon
Track seven I think


I read your letter
Savouring every word
Yes, I got the point

Mindful exercise
Meditating on a word
The point of haiku

Life's a chain letter
We created to pass on
That is the whole point


We're in a downturn
Fresh government needs a turn
Creating upturn

Living in Margate
Ethereal landscape art
One J. M. Turner

Wind me up again
So that I can turn you on
Spring into action


Saddled with sadness
She took her grief out riding
Horse bearing the weight

Good grief, said Charlie
Of course you should cry when sad
It's appropriate

They're sad in Iceland
Seasonally Affected
By the cold and dark

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