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Friday, May 26, 2017

Haiku on Deep/ ?/ Always/ Between/ Challenge/ Plan


Deep in the forest
Jade portal slightly ajar
I enter heaven

Awake in the night
Watching your deep sleeping form
Beautiful dreamer

Your indentation
Deep in bed clothes next to me
A slight hint of lust


Best not write haiku
With a mind consumed by filth
Get therapy first

We're not forever
But what we do in this world
Will be remembered

We travel slowly
Drinking in experience
Savouring our lives


When crossing chasms
Always look before you leap
Where is the far side

My ancient promise
Cor meum in eternal
Always in my heart

Stream of consciousness
Constant flow of memories
Always on my mind


Confusing moments
Between sleeping and waking
Wispy ends of dreams

Between this and that
Devil and the deep blue sea
I just can't decide

Between cool white sheets
We are cuddled up like spoons
Sharing body warmth


Challenged by the night
Fierce storms battered the house
Creating havoc

My challenge to you
Is to put up with my whims
And stay sensible

The truth is, my child,
Life is full of challenges
Resilience wins


I plan to get up
And then have a full breakfast
Maybe breakfast first

Never a grand plan
Our lives evolved over time
Care, love and service

Need emergency plans
A power generator
Or some good torches

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