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Friday, August 5, 2016

Haiku on Try/ Storm/ Fool/ Carpet


Try not to worry
But don't worry about it
Even if you do

Trying is doing
Even if you don't succeed
Doing is trying

A try in Rugby
A touchdown in NFL
Set up goal kickers


A perfect mind storm
Crazy thoughts come at random
Turned into a film

He stirred and stirred
Till the outcome was achieved
Storm in a teacup

Seventy percent
We humans turn to water
When there is a storm


Played the fool all day
To mask his inner sadness
Fooled around at night

If you fool yourself
You may lose your only friend
In a twisted maze

A word of advice
Never try to fool yourself
Mirrors never lie


She could smell carpet
As he entered her domain
Needs cleansing, she thought

In trouble again
Carpeted by headmaster
Only verbal this time

Old Turkish carpet
Intricate peacock design
Proudly hand woven

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