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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Haiku on Game/ Play/ Tonight/ Wander


Commitments complete
Entering new phase of life
Still some games to play

A new game begins
Pen, ink, paper, and my thoughts
Dare I write haiku

A new Game of Thrones
Excited, opened the box
Dragon, sword, and dice


The filth of very small minds
Degrading our play

Playing at haiku
Writing absolute rubbish
Leaves no impression

You can play at life
Or grasp opportunity
Make a difference


Are you free tonight?
May I make a pass at you?
Just like the old times

Free pass to movies
Every theatre tonight
Full of violence

Magic show tonight
International wizard
Pulled peace from a hat


No more the expert
No more need to huff and puff
I wander through time

Just meandering
So happy just to wander
Breathing and feeling

Birthday reflection
Wandering through memories
Of all the good times

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