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Monday, March 14, 2016

Haiku on Pour/ Fallen/ Tear/ Remember


Tears poured down her face
Watching her young daughter leave

A few spots of rain
Glowering clouds overhead
I think it may pour

With delicate hands
Pour tea into bone china
And refill the pot


A fallen woman
Society pilloried
Yet never at fault

The Goons old punch line
"He's fallen in the water"
Expected, fulfilled

Can't send a message
A fallen telegraph pole
Seems like it's to blame


Tear rolled down her cheek
Borrowed from a crocodile
Just the one sadly

Tear yourself away
That book is making you sad
It's no good for you

Recess time at school
Kids tear around the playground
Screaming in delight


Remember today
Let's make it memorable
Mime all day; no words...

Make me remember
Play family videos
Sing favourite songs

Remember childhood
Go to a favourite beach
And make sand castles

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