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Friday, March 4, 2016

Haiku on Fright/ Send/ Knock/ Submit


You gave me a fright
Not seen you without makeup
A total stranger

The Halloween myth
Evil spirits fright me not
Mean folks cause evil

Looked in the mirror
Gave myself an awful fright
I'm aging each day


You send me crazy
Whenever I am near you
I need asylum

Ticked a Facebook box
We used to send birthday cards
That needed planning

Send me all your love
In a small heart shaped locket
With a photo, please


She knocked her arrow
Letting fly at the tall one
Cupid's game of moans

I am so surprised
Knock me down with a feather
Just won lottery

Knock down Ginger game
Press the door bell, run away
Naughty grandmother


Wrestler as henchman
Refused to submit to boss
Star spangled tangle

After years and years
Academic PHD
Finally submit

CV submitted
For an endless list of jobs
Never interviewed

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