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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Haiku on Trip/ Run/ Barely/ Milestone


She tripped a third time
Guess that makes it a triple
Tripoli sandals

Trip along the coast
Endless vistas sun, sand, surf
Coral Sea beaches

Kissing each blemish
The endless natural trip
Of being in love


Raindrops on window
All run the race together
Coalescing tears

Genetic problem
Noses run in family
Atishoo can help

Political game
Senators run for office
Rarely catching on


Bodies intertwined
Softness after love making
I know you barely

Barely living yet
Smiles sweetly from his cradle
Eye contact so strong

Sun barely risen
Yet light blossoms in my dreams
Driving fear away


A simple milestone
One square rock on the roadside
Overgrown with moss

A golden milestone
Fifty years of partnership
Respectfully yours

Millstone round his neck
Walked without a direction
Needed a Milestone

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