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Monday, September 7, 2015

Haiku on Excite/ Mail/ Roar/ Rest


I'm boiling water
Molecules so excited
They splash on the hob

Excite your neurones
Every day go out to play
Breathing in the park

Enough excitement
I need to slow my world down
Sit, breathe, recover

Mail, Word, Eleven

Morning mail arrived
Tore open the envelope
Eleventh word missing

Chain mail Ponzi scheme
Sent to eleven good friends
Never heard a word

Counted your kisses
Eleven followed the words
I just loved your mail


A mouse tried to roar
But what emerged was a squeak
We all have our place

Brisbane Roar Soccer
Not an auspicious season
Rarely found their voice

Mountain roared in pain
As glacier split in two
Avalanche began


Sea can never rest
Phase pull of the circling moon
A tidal cycle

A story unfolds
He dies by sword, she poison
The rest we all know

You can suicide
Don't expect your soul to rest
More than during life

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