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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Haiku on Shock/ Fall/ Thunder/ Beast


Stunning Taser shock
Police weapon of control
Cured my depression

Reality shock
Just a glimpse between buildings
I can see the sea

No internet here
System sharply shocked into


Fall into my arms
Just to prove I will catch you
Every time from now

I could fall for you
All over again, you know
Just come dance with me

The water gathered
Ready for the long cold fall
To the pool below


Prelude lights the night
Thunder rolls across the sky
And then strange silence

Thunder to small boy
Very very frightening
Rhapsody in black

The god turns over
Shouts rage at being woken
Captain Thunderpants


She purred so gently
He growled at being woken
Then the beast emerged

New baby monsters
For early development
'Beast breast is the Best'

A beast of burden
Down at the supermarket
They call her Carrie

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