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Monday, December 8, 2014

HAIKU on Not/ Ride/ Crowd/ Fog


Chirping excitement
Birds announce it will not rain
The rest of today

It's not the first time
Guess it will not be the last
Slept through the alarm

Such concentration
Carried tea across the room
Not a drop was spilled

No and not of things
Define empty existence
They really should not


Ride the winds of change
Evolving with the tempests
Voicing your thunder

Not sure why I'm here
Saw this double decker bus
And came for the ride

She was riding me
Pushing me on to new heights
Really ecstatic


The big decision
Did gladiators fight well
The crowd's thumbs are down

Stand out from the crowd
Maintain positivity
In the face of gloom

A crowd of haiku
Jostling for recognition
And perhaps a star


Through a glass darkly
Fog of my mind slowly clears
Leaving eyes misty

Standing on cliff top
Counting lighthouse sweep seconds
Mournful fog horn sounds

High level meeting
The fog of doubt slowly clears
Protagonists beam

Feel warm with fever
Over three degrees from rage
Climb into bed bare

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