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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Haiku on Freedom/ Stop/ Image/ Call


Freedom of the mind
When you leave the world behind
And rent a retreat

On leave from the war
Clothes rent, in need of repair
Short bout of freedom

Not owning a home
Gives you the freedom to leave
But please pay the rent


Let me tell you, dear
I don't want this life to stop
It's been too much fun

Stop all the pressure
Sit and let your mind run free
Breathe gently. Accept.

Stop. Think about it.
Hundred years ago, this day.
Men fought World War One


Image of myself
Ageing in dusty attic
While I renew Me

Look at the image
Then up at the mountain range
Which seems to have grown

Yesterday's photo
Mismatched to body image
Must photoshop me


Fixing my makeup
Before final curtain call
Onto a new stage

Being a doctor
Hearing pain behind the call
Responding quickly

Myriad birds call
Ushering in the morning
Such a chirpiness

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