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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Haiku on Hope/ Force/ Battle/ Tremendous


The world's ways will change
As humanity evolves
Hope springs eternal

Faith, hope, charity
Tell that to an abused child
Twisted by their past

Hope this finds you well
I had a great birthday, thanks
Enjoyed your present


Nature's strongest force
Is probably gravity
Keeping us grounded

In the face of force
Bend to the prevailing wind
Like a blade of grass

Do not force issues
You might be wasting your breath
State your case and wait


Old healed battle scars
Memories of survival
A living album

The daily battle
Maintaining integrity
In worlds full of crap

Today's battle won
Ah, but can we win the war?
Only together


The nut with health benefits
Tree mend us, maybe

Australians know
Wide brown land is challenging
Tremendous country

Tremendous sunshine
Searing heat through the window
Dust motes jig dancing

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