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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Haiku on Contain/ Angry/ Chance/ Delight


At the Easter show
Candy floss and whizzy rides
Can't contain myself

Serial lover
Now contained behind the bars
Of carnal nightmares

Seeds of the future
Testicular container
Awaiting release


I am not angry
I just frown now and again
When I am displeased

Do not get angry
Just work through relationships
And then get even

Thunder sounds angry
Simply electricity
That arcs between us


Chance with opportunity
We met, and we love

A fork in the road
Tossed a coin and took a chance
There were no signposts

Ovum was waiting
Surrounded, millions of sperm
This one, that one, chance


I take great delight
In the small things of my life
Like a pin dropping

You are a delight
I don't care what you're doing
I just love to watch

Comes the idea
Shaped into the proper form
Delight in each word

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