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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Haiku on Safety/ Wonderful/ Choose/ Body


Laughing together
They skated across thin ice
Despising safety

After the report
He found the safety was off
Such devastation

Food safety standards
Epidemic avoidance
Pro bono publico


Wide eyes wonderful
As he watched the lathe turning
Wood became chair leg

Gallery visit
Wonderful experience
Quiet sense of awe

Standing in the storm
Scoured beach being bereft
Experience awe

Wonderful moment
The 'Aha' experience
Therapeutic change


No haiku tonight
Choose to put my brain to bed
Good night, sweet poets

Help a child choose right
And see the good in others
Watch kindness flower

A fork in the road
Choose the way that's best for you
Signposts may be wrong

Choose to take a snooze
Any ruse to take off shoes
Helps you lose the blues


I like my body
When it is with your body
Such a perfect fit

Each newborn infant
Starts with a perfect body
Life's journey begins

Corporate body
Piggies at the trough of life
Feeding off others

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