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Monday, July 7, 2014

Haiku on Practice/ Again/ /Dull /Recoil

Practise what you preach
Or give up your odd practice
Of preaching at me

When the doctor cares
You may have to wait your turn
To get best practice

So much hard practice
To be good at Karate
Softness and style win


Won't tell you again
Unless you really need it
You are beautiful

Again we have lost
One of those special people
Comes to all of us

Try those steps again
Please avoid my toes this time
I'm quite bruised enough


A dull day dawning
After last night's flashy storms
We are all pensive

My thoughts dulled by grief
And yet her bright kindness shines
Beyond the grey gloom

He seemed a dull boy
Shyly trudging through his life
His music has wings


Lethal strike complete
Small desert rat swallowed whole
The rattler recoiled

He fired the magnum
Recoil knocked flat on his back
Just like his target

She spat in his face
But the loathing on her face
That made him recoil

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