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Monday, May 5, 2014

Haiku on Result/ Skin/ Frame/ Green


Recipe: Warm souls
Method: Lots of give and take
Result: Happiness

Spending two dollars
When you can only earn one
Result: poverty

The hours of study
All ended with no result
Slept through the exam


Afterwards we smiled
Joined in knowing afterglow
Original skin

Fingernails tracing
Soothing circles on your skin
You shudder, and sleep

New baby arrives
Soft skin glowing with pure light
Defensive onesie


Framed by a doorway
The bathroom light behind her
Casts a long shadow

Tomorrow's photos
Framed carefully in silver
Lost to a future

Serious question
Carefully framed in child speak
We want McDonalds


I've ten green bottles
Hanging empty on the wall
What if one should fall?

Gaea wearing green
Her favourite springtime cloak
Masking winter's pain

He went to the fair
Determined to take the rides
Ended up quite green

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