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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Haiku on Duty/ Saw/ Plan/ Note


So freely offered
Love is never a duty
Always a pleasure

To live a good life
Basic duty of humans
To land and people

Afghanistan done
Tour of duty completed
PTSD strikes


Saw the morning light
Reflected in still water
And then through your eyes

At the magic show
Saw a woman cut in half
She was unperturbed

Today on the stair
Saw a man who was not there
Wish he'd go away


Nursery all planned
Pinks and frills and girlie things
Little boy arrived

I plan to retire
Once we have enough money
Whatever that means

There is a grand plan
For our third rock from the sun
Best we do not know


High aspirations
Grandson borrowed school trombone
First faltering note

Pigeons on the fence
Cooing, nodding, tap-dancing
A two note samba

Objections noted
You can't refuse a birthday
It is just a gift

Schweppes' diatonic
Symphony of bubbles dance
Vibrant notes on stave

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