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Friday, November 1, 2013

Haiku on 'Evidence', 'Fifth' and 'Grand'


Proof of the pudding
Evidence from all the dates
We are well pitted

I'm evidence based
Survived life's random trials
The best I can be

Evidence is strong
Life will kill you in the end
No-one believes it


Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh
Why is it not 'oneth', 'twoth', 'threeth'?
Funny old language...

Fifth out of the five
Baby of the family
She was loved by all...

Earth, air, fire, water
Spirit, the fifth element
For this, look inside...


Deck chairs in the Park
Boy meets his girl at Grandstand
Blowing his trumpet

Grand vision for life
That we should live out our time
In peace and plenty

Climbing the mountain
Grand vistas for miles and miles
People look so small

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