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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Haiku on Down/Even/Fracture


Rain is falling down
World would be a crazy place
If it fell upward

Down the rabbit hole
Alice found bureaucracy
"I'm late for a date"

The end of the week
Crumbs down in the biscuit tin
Will not pay the rent


There is silent calm
Even birds cease their chatter
Just before a storm

You get very odd
Then you start to get even
Makes me feel quite odd

Scattered raindrops fall
Erratic earth dampening
Evens out in time


Gaia's womb contracts
Small fracture in the Earth's crust
New island is born

Old scars in the mind
Fractured thoughts and dead feelings
Covered in callus

The fractured nut bar
Giving you crunch in the mouth
Doorway to flavour

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