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Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Book: 'Taking Charge; a journey of recovery'

This book traces my first experience of serious illness and my admission to hospital. As a doctor, somehow you expect to be able to diagnose your own illnesses (wrong), get some slight preference in hospital (wrong), have colleagues and staff treat you with care and respect (wrong), know how to manage your illness (wrong). Personally my experience of Transverse Myelitis was terrifying. My initial experiences in hospitals were just awful, and really quite traumatising.
You may not be interested in the illness itself. But I am sure you will have expectations of how you should be treated in hospitals.
My reaction to the whole thing was to record daily experiences and try to makes sense of them. What started as a miserable life experience turned into something funny, wry, and challenging. I am told by my readers that the book is funny and sad - all at the same time.
Give it a go. You can buy a paperback copy, or download a pdf eBook

Purchase the book here: 'Taking Charge: a journey of recovery'

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