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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Old photos never die; they, like the memories, just fade a bit...

Going through some slides found in a box in the cupboard, clearly my father's photos we had never seen. Pictures of Jan and I as teenagers on our first visit to Australia in 1963. Precious photos of my Mother - precious because she never liked having her photo taken, and so these are gold dust. Photos of my two sons as littlies in the garden of a beautiful old house we lived in in Kent (Old Gates, Coleman's Stairs Rd, Birchington). Photos of my sister with a Dachshund we had as children (Mitzi). Photos of a dog we had when our children were small (Scamp).
So we made a decision to buy a digitizer to convert the really good ones to a format for computers. Then we can share them.

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  1. We're in Paris and just read this. Would like to see the photos you talk of.