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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Archibald Prize, Art Gallery of NSW (till June 3rd)

We just had an exquisite weekend in Sydney. High on the 'to do' list was a visit to the Art Gallery of NSW. to see the finalists for the Archibald Prize. What an array of beautiful work. What an array of artistic technique. Bliss for a couple of hours working our way through the crowd, standing in awe, trying to get a sense if why the artist chose to paint this person, at this time in this way.
Loved Kate Tucker's 'Melody'. Overwhelmed by Jodi Daley's 'Private X' and Vernon Ah Kee's 'Isee deadly people'. Struggled for some with Tim Storrier's 'The histrionic wayfarer', until I got it - and then could see just how brilliant it is with all it's allegory. Also felt the pain of Jenny Sage's 'After Jack' (we have been there, Jenny).
There is so much phenomenal talent in this country.
And then we had lunch in the Gallery restaurant. Double bliss, double artistic talent.

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