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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Haiku on Taste/ Clean/ Lend/ Bridge


I was a smoker
Stopped for over 40 years
I can almost taste

Victory is mine
I can almost taste triumph
How does this key work?

What does the pack say?
This tastes almost like mango
Oh, it is mango


Lady Macbeth's hands
She never could get them clean
Guilt does not wash off

A clean white canvas
What beauty can we create
With a few brush strokes

Travelling away
House must be spotlessly clean
For when we return


If you lend me ten
Next week I'll give you two fives
We will be even

Friends, Romans, others
Lend me your ears if you will
Even if you're deaf

Lend a hand, my friend
Even this time of the year
People can suffer


We reach out and touch
Over the breakfast table
Bridging night's troubles

We reached bridge contract
Way more than our points suggest
Should be fun to play

Family kindness
Bridge to sanity and health
Down generations

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