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Monday, June 6, 2016

Haiku on Slow/ Noble/ Everything/ Core


A slow burning fuse
As I caress your body
Then the explosion

Appears to be slow
He savours thoughts, ideas
And then speaks wisdom

Slow burn becomes brilliant light
Finally got it


An ignoble deed
To nobble someone's racehorse
Pays out with bookies

A noble gesture
Giving his life for country

Noble worker bee
Knows his place in colony
Works for his queen


You are everything
Confidante, lover, best friend
I am so lucky

Post meditation
Clean teeth, showered, all new clothes
Everything renewed

Everything hurts
Trying to rebuild muscles
Stupid workout plan


At the core of life
There is a kernel of truth
Live the best you can

Chilli ginger cake
Inflames a passionate core
Beware ye lovers

Peel off outer skin
Munch through flesh to reach the core
That gives me the pip

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