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Friday, February 19, 2016

Haiku on Blow/ Nobody/ Completely/ Winner


Blow your nose my dear
Maybe stop sniffing cocaine
It upsets membranes

Big blow for daddy
Now wipe your nose for mummy
Put tissue in bin

Blow this balloon up
Don't just make farty noises
And do stop laughing


The lift doors closing
Nobody said anything
Same every day

She looked exhausted
Worn out by the day's efforts
Nobody at home

Where does wind come from
Where it goes nobody knows
Perhaps my kite does


Smile; the world smiles back
Speak softly; people listen
Be kind; they will learn


Meditation done
Showered, dressed and breakfasted
Completely at ease

Completely at ease
Walking the forest trail, then
He stopped in his tracks

He stopped in his tracks
Felt he was completely lost
Then recalled the plan


In relay-tionships
Baton is passed back and forth
Then both are winners

Dodo's caucus race
Start where you like, run around
Each is a winner

A score card somewhere
Records times we lie or cheat
Winners are losers

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