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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Haiku on Glance/ Drive/ Earlier/ Force


He glanced round the room
Trying not to miss the fun
She stood quietly

Miss Fierce stood out front
Needing to quell the class fun
One glance was enough

One glance was enough
He did not miss her slight smile
The fun could begin


The drive to survive
Innate in all living things
Just water the seed

Handicapped from birth
Saw the funny side of life
Had a joker's drive

Social animals
With a drive to touch others
Through lovewords and song


An earlier thought
Keeps returning to my mind
Nagging me to smile

If she had arrived
A few minutes earlier
It was yesterday

Made up earlier
Now they are at it again
Repeated pattern


She accepted him
No force was necessary
Except that of life

One drop of water
Each day for Millenia
Hole in rock not forced

Try to force the smile
Through teeth gritted with sharp pain
Everybody knows

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