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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Haiku on Hunt/ Like/ Cloud/ Tradition/


Hunt for honesty
I want you to bare your soul
Vitae veritas

Want to play bare hunt
Life stripped to its essentials
You hide and I'll seek

A bare faced liar
Australia's least wanted
The hunt is called off


The Golden Wedding
Have we been married that long
Seems like yesterday

Why like the long road
A little bit of planning
You can take short cuts

I liked my hair long
But dad was military
And called me a twit


There is constant rain
In the middle of a cloud
Must try to step out

Tears need to rain down
Wandered lonely as a cloud
Seeking a parade

Soft rain falls gently
Pattering on lily pad
Our frogs are happy


Terra Nullius
Traditional landowners
Totally ignored

I kiss your eyelids
As we settle down to sleep
Tradition of love

Tradition demands
That we respect our elders
If they are betters

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