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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Haiku on Bad / Wait /Watch /Down


Miss red riding hood
Now tames wolves for a living
A good girl gone bad

Bad day at office
Drowned in others' paperwork
No creative thoughts

They keep on asking
Have you been a good girl, Jane?
Why be bad at zoo?


Just wait a second
I'll say this for the third time
Go forth and prosper

Life is go, go, go
Waiting for someone to say:
Ready, steady, stop

Whisky a Go Go
Club that launched a thousand bands
Waiting for The Doors


Something made me watch
Tried so hard to fight the urge
Never did like boxing

Watch broken in fight
Something made me keep it safe
Until it was time

You watch something grow
Fight the urge to interfere
Wonder of purity


Indicators down
Economy really wrecked
Too many cowboys

I caress your back
Soft down in all those small curves
Tickles my fancy

Down a mean back street
At the poorest end of town
There are real people

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